Shape cropping is a special subcategory of standard image cropping. These shaped cropped images can use for photo colleges and different photo editing purposes.

Picsart Photo studio provides a separate unique tool for doing photo shape cropping.

What is this image shape cropping?

"Shape cropping is the original crop image for exacted pre-fixed shape."

Basically, all photo editing software and app, including Microsoft Word, has this feature. But those general applications have limited shapes like square, circle, triangle, polygon, hexagon, and five-finger star.

But Picsart Photo Studio provides over hundreds of shapes even in the free version also.

However, the beauty of this marvelous app is that all shapes can flexibly change the size and borders lines.

Therefore Picsart Photo Studio free version is optimum to do any kind of shape cropping task.

Picsart image Shape cropping procedure 

Let’s you can learn how to do image shape cropping with all customization.

Step 1: Select your image

Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • Run the Picsart Photo Studio app.
  • You do not worry about the free trial staff (ignore it).
  • There is a plus icon (+) at the bottom line. Click on it.
Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • The top line shows all photos in your phone gallery. 
  • You can select the image which is going to crop.
  • That top line shows the most recent added photos. Then you can go to “All Photos” to find photos which were added early.

Step 2: Open your image

Picsart Shape Crop Tool
  • Now your selected image has added to your Picsart photo editing workspace. 
  • Then you have to go to the tools section at the bottom line. Shape Crop tool locates inside of the tool category. 

Step 3: Open the Picsart shape crop tool

Picsart Shape Crop Tool
  • The third tool is the shape image crop tool in the Picsart basic tool panel. Click on it.

Step 4: Check Standard Aspect Ratio

Picsart Shape Crop Tool
Picsart Shape Crop Tool
Picsart Shape Crop Tool
  • This is the worksheet of the image shape crop tool.
  • You have to select hundreds of in-built shape designs at the bottom line according to your requirements.
  • For that, you gave to slide slowly to see all available shapes. Picsart will provide these all shapes for free version users too. 

Step 5: Customization of the shape crop tool

Picsart Shape Crop Tool
Picsart Shape Crop Tool
  • After selecting your favorite shape (I have chosen the square shape as an example) 
  • There is a double head arrow at the bottom of the shape. 
  • You can adjust the size of shape and orientation freely everywhere. 
  • Therefore, this shape crop tool can be categorized as a highly user-friendly and high customizable photo editing app tool.
  • After finish the scaling part, you have to click the arrow button at the top right. 

Step 6: Border decoration

Picsart Shape Crop Tool
Picsart Shape Crop Tool
  • In this stage, you add any color to the borderline.
  • You can find thousands of colors at the bottom line to choose to match to your cropped image.
  • There is a ratio bar also. This ratio bar is using to change the width of the border. 
Picsart Shape Crop Tool
  • After selecting the proper border decoration, you have to click the save bottom at the top right corner. 

Step 7: Preview your cropped image

Picsart Shape Crop Tool
  • Then you have successfully finished the shape cropping process. 
  • Here you can see the final preview of your edited photo.
  • Furthermore, you can do any additional editing process with other tools according to your requirements in this stage.
  • However, is this your final output?
  • You have to click the “Next” button at the top right corner.

Step 8: Create a Final Output

Picsart Shape Crop Tool
  • There is a description bar to add some description with hashtags for publishing directly on social media platforms.
  • If you need to make a slide show video of photo editing steps, you can switch on the “replay” toggle switch.
  • Therefore, you can save a small slide show video in your phone gallery, or you can share it.
  • Do you need to save the image in your photo gallery? It would be best if you went to “save” and click on it.

Step 9: Save photo

Picsart Shape Crop Tool

Picsart Photo Studio provides three ways to save your image. 

  • You can directly send for your friends as an image file
  • You can upload the output image on the Picsart Cloud server.
  • In the final method, you can save the image in your smartphone memory (Gallery) as an image file.
Picsart Shape Crop Tool
  • You can save and store the image in your phone gallery for less than one second. 
  • It will show the notification after the saved image in your phone gallery. 

Final Image

Picsart Shape Crop Tool

I hope now you have a claer idea of the usage of user-friendly Picsart Photo Studio, Shape crop tool, and how to use it properly.

You can download the original and latest Picsart Photo Studio version for your smartphone from the below download button. (It is available for all iOS, Android, and Windows Operating System platforms.)

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