Picsart Photo Studio free version also has different types of crop tools. Basically, the crop tool is a very fundamental feature in every photo editing app or software.

Because of that, image cropping is an essential feature in the photo editing field.

What is the image cropping?

"Selecting some wanted area from the original image and removing all unwanted areas is called image cropping."

After we should save the cropped image as a new image, this is a primary function of either online image crop tool or offline image crop tool.

Importance of image crop

1.Improve photography composition– As an example, if you captured some fast-moving object, you wouldn’t think the subject composition. Then you can use the Picsart crop tool to make the final photograph with proper photo compositions.

2. More focus on the main object of the image– When your image has few subjects, you can use your Picsart crop tool to focus the target subject in the full frame of the image.

3. Remove some distracting elements in your photo– Commonly, some Photo’s background has some unwanted and unexpected elements distracting your image’s real meaning. Picsart crop tool can use to remove those distracting elements easily.

4. Zoom in on the target object– Crop tool will give zoom in function automatically.

5. You can change the photo orientation– According to your requirement, you can change the photo orientation either landscape or portrait. 

6. Change the aspect ratio of photo– People need to upload photos on several social media platforms and websites. Each website has allowed exact aspect ratios in different website’s positions. Picsart crop tool will help you to make different aspect ratios according to leading social media platforms in one touch as an inbuilt cropping feature. 

Steps of using Picsart standard crop tool

Here I have shared the complete steps of the Picsart Photo Studio free version. Therefore anyone can use this step to crop your image very easily. 

Step 1: Select your image

Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • Open the Picsart Photo Studio app.
  • You do not need to think this 14 days trial version things. 
  • Click on the Plus (+) icon to select your image. 
Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • Top line show all photos in your phone gallery. 
  • You can select the image which is going to crop.
  • That top line shows the most recent added photos. Then you can go to “All Photos” to find photos which were added early. 

Step 2: Open Picsart standard crop tool

Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • You can see the selected image has opened in the Picsart editing worksheet. 
  • Picsart Standard crop tool has located in the tools section in the bottom tools line. 
Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • Now you can see the basic Picsart Photo editing tool panel. 
  • Picsart Photo Studio Free version users cannot use any “Gold” tools. These tools are available for premium users only.
  • Fortunately, Picsart standard crop tool is available for free version users. 
  • The standard crop tool is the first tool in the basic tool panel. 
Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • This is the appearance of a user-friendly Picsart Photo Studio standard crop tool worksheet. 
  • At the bottom line, you can select the exact square shape or free cropping option or any standard aspect ratio with relevant to your requirement. 
  • There is a scale. That scale is using to rotate the image as you want. That rotation is accurate to two decimal points. 

Step 3: Check Standard Aspect Ratio

Picsart Standard Crop Tool
Picsart Standard Crop Tool
Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • Picsart provides popular social media platforms allowed aspect ratios as the inbuilt function. 
  • Such as Facebook (post or cover image), Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram (Post/stories), and Twitter. 
  • You do not need to find the ratio values from Google search, and you do not need to make your worksheet with those values. 
  • Picsart provides this function directly to even their free users also.

Step 4: Crop your image

Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • Here I have cropped the image by using a free cropping style.
  • I have cropped this image from 1920*1320 px to 913*1070 px. I have rotated this image to 3.33 degrees anticlockwise too.
  • Because of that, the cute girl with a gun will destroy the cuteness of her face. Then I have removed the gun from her. 
  • If you make a wrong adjustment, you can go step backward from the top lest corner arrows. 
  • After you can click on apply at the right top corner, “apply” button.
Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • Then crop image comes to a worksheet for doing more editing stuff with other tools.

Step 5: Create a Final Output

Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • Click the next button to start the procedure. 
Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • There is a description bar to add some description with hashtags for publishing directly on social media platforms.
  • If you need to make a slide show video of photo editing steps, you can switch on the “replay” toggle switch.
  • Then you can save a small slide show video in your phone gallery, or you can share it.
  • Do you need to save the image in your photo gallery? It would be best if you went to “save” and click on it.

Step 6: Save photo

Picsart Standard Crop Tool

Picsart Photo Studio provides three ways to save your image. 

  • You can directly send for your friends as an image file
  • You can upload the output image on the Picsart Cloud server.
  • The final method can save the image in your smartphone memory (Gallery) as an image file.
Picsart Standard Crop Tool
  • You can save and store the image in your phone gallery for less than one second. 
  • It will show the notification after the saved image in your phone gallery. 

I hope that now you have a very clear idea of the usage of user-friendly Picsart Photo Studio, Standard crop tool, and how to use it properly.

You can download the original and latest Picsart Photo Studio version for your smartphone from the below download button. (It is available for all iOS, Android, and Windows Operating System platforms.)

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